Cava Varias

We pride ourselves on doing things well, and for this reason, we take care of the smallest detail, to ensure our products reach your glasses at exactly the right time
Land is land, vineyards are vineyards and grapes are grapes. This is an easy thing to say, but it would not be possible to comprehend their true essence and our close bond with nature without picking up a clump of earth and discovering its texture with your fingers, strolling through the vineyard and enjoying its greenery or crushing a grape and perceiving its scent.
Those of us who work at Cava Varias have learned from nature by living with it; she has shown us the true value of the words that form part of our daily work, day after day. For that reason we believe the words EARTH, VINEYARD and GRAPE… refer to love and respect for a job well done, evolution and a wish to achieve perfection, harmony and future…


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