Pere Punyetes Negre

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Deep ruby red with violet glints. An extremely potent nose with notes which are reminiscent of red forest fruits. A good first taste, with an intense passage in the mouth and a lingering, pleasant finish.

After being stripped from the vine and entering the winery, the grapes are pressed and transferred directly to the maceration tank for about 20-25 days. This maceration process allows it to obtain the appropriate colour and quantity of tannin that will give it a sound structure, but without becoming astringent. It is transferred to another tank where the alcohol fermentation process is completed at a low temperature (between 16º and 18ºC). Once the alcohol fermentation process has been completed, the wine is subjected to malolactic fermentation which gives it greater roundness.

Serve in a tall, clear, fine crystal glass at a temperature of between 12º and 14ºC.

This wine goes well with all types of red meat, cheese and bean salads.

Cabernet Sauvignon 50%, Merlot 30% and Ull de llebre 20%

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